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Crawl Space Repair in Brookland Washington DC

Crawl Space Waterproofing and Vapor Barriers To Protect Your Brookland DC Home!

Homeowners in Brookland, Washington, D.C. know that whether their home is old or new, protecting its structural integrity is essential to maintaining the life of their home. That’s why they trust the professionals of Crawl Space Brothers for all of their crawl space encapsulation and repair needs. Don’t wait for a big storm to bring water into your crawl space or a humid summer to let moisture in; water and moisture in your home’s basement are the biggest threats to your foundation. Keep it safe by sealing off your crawl space with expert encapsulation, vapor barriers, and dehumidifiers. 

When we encapsulate your home’s crawl space, we completely seal it off from the outside. Encapsulation can include installing drainage and sump pumps, vapor barriers, sealing any cracks or vents, and installing a dehumidifier. Combined, these measures can prevent mold growth, pest invasions, flooding, and improve air quality.

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Brookland Washington DC

Located in the northeast corner of the District of Columbia, Brookland is a residential neighborhood with small-town energy with all the convenience of living in the big city. Brookland features many historic landmarks and is a diverse community. The area is sometimes called “Little Rome” due to the many churches, monasteries, and chapels, including the largest Roman Catholic Church in North America, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Brookland also has its central art center near the metro, with many spaces for performances and galleries to draw inspiration from. With its classic colonial homes and tree-lined streets, Brookland is a peaceful neighborhood. Brookland also comes with all the fun shopping and dining options one would expect from any of the communities in D.C. with its restaurants that lean into the “Little Rome” feel of the neighborhood and the art walk at the Monroe Street Market on the weekends. Brookland has a lot to entice both residents and visitors alike. Zipcodes for the area are 20017 and 20018.

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What Sets Crawl Space Brothers Apart From The Other Guys

At Crawl Space Brothers, we are trained experts in sealing and protecting your crawl space. With our top-notch customer service and a combined total of over 20 years of experience, we are well prepared to handle any of your home’s crawl space repair needs. We’ve helped homeowners in the Washington, D.C. area with all types of crawl space repair, and we want to help you to make sure your foundation is protected for life!

We offer our customers our 5 Star Experience guarantee and Transferable Lifetime Warranty; we go above and beyond to make sure that you have the best possible experience worthy of 5 stars! And our outstanding warranty covers labor and parts for your repair for life! Work with the best of the best with the Crawl Space Brothers team today!

Brookland DC’s Best Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing Team

Have an unfinished basement or crawl space with standing water or high humidity? Crawl Space Brothers specialize in waterproofing your crawl space or basement so that you can protect your home from flooding, mold, pests, and foundation damage. Don’t wait for problems to arise or worsen. Prevention with crawl space and basement waterproofing and sealing is the best way to protect your home from foundation damage for decades! 

We proudly provide our top-rated crawl space repair and waterproofing services to the homeowners of Brookland and the surrounding Washington, D.C. area. Don’t wait for the water to intrude and damage your foundation. Call the specialists of Crawl Space Brothers today to schedule your free home inspection! 

First, our specialist asks you about your current concerns and the general history of your home. Next, we thoroughly inspect your crawl space and foundation to identify the cause of your crawl space’s issue. If needed, we install an interior French drain and sump pump to remove any flooding or standing water before beginning repairs. Finally, your crawl space is repaired and fully protected against future standing water and eroding damage, followed by any necessary mold removal service.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

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The Best Long-Term Solution For Your Crawl Space Is An Encapsulation

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Vapor Barrier

A Vapor Barrier Is The Number One Thing To Protect Your Crawl Space!

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A Crawl Space Dehumidifier Provides Moisture Protection For Your Home

Expert Mold Removal Services in Brookland Washington DC

If you look down in your crawl space today, chances are you will see some sort of mold growth. Now consider that the air in your home comes from or through your crawl space! While most mold in your crawl space is non-harmful, leaving mold growth unchecked can lead to potential problems and affect the air quality in your home. At Crawl Space Brothers, we’ve been under thousands of homes, and nearly all have some amount of mold growth.

We are pros at handling mold removal; we use a completely organic mold removal spray and scrub technique. Our mold spray is completely safe for pets and people and effectively stops mold in its tracks. 

However, mold removal alone is not a permanent solution to mold growth, only a temporary one. For a permanent mold solution, eliminating moisture and humidity is the best way, as mold cannot grow at or below 50% relative humidity. To achieve this, Crawl Space Brothers offers encapsulation, vapor barriers, and dehumidifier installation.

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When you need crawl space repair and mold removal in Brookland, Washington, D.C., Crawl Space Brothers is here to assist. Our team of experienced and professional specialists will inspect your home’s crawl space at absolutely no cost and provide an accurate assessment of your home’s crawl space needs.

If you’re worried you may have excessive mold in your crawl space or basement, call us at Crawl Space Brothers today, or sign up online for our free initial home inspection! 

Call us today for service to your home in Brookland and the Washington, D.C. area. We can help make your home stronger and healthier today!