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Top Rated Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Greensboro North Carolina

Caring for Greensboro NC’s Crawl Spaces

Our team is here to make sure your crawl space is taken care of so that you can be sure your home and family are safe and sound. If you have a crawl space, it is the foundation of your home. Under your home, there could be issues that can not only be inconvenient but also stressful. 

The lakes and consistent humidity around Greensboro all make it a fun place to call home...but they also cause moisture to accumulate in crawl spaces. 

Greensboro is full of water. Lake Brandt, Lake Townsend, Oak Hollow Lake, Buffalo Lake, and many other smaller lakes make up the perimeter of Greensboro. Not to mention the humidity hovers around 70% all year around. 

The moisture present in all this water may cause damage to your home’s crawl space.

Encapsulating and waterproofing crawl spaces are vital. It prevents damage from water. Because homeowners know: water damage is one of the worst things to happen!

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Would you like to make sure your family and home are safe? Of course! And so would we.

We are here to help you with your crawl space problems. In order to ensure the safety of your home, we will provide you with all the information you need. Knowing when and how to take action can be challenging, so we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

We’ll take care of your crawl space so you can relax. Our expert team is passionate about helping families maintain a healthy and safe home environment. Ideally, every home should be able to enjoy its crawl space without worrying about possible hazards. With Crawl Space Brothers’ help, this is more than possible!

Waiting too long might mean it is too late. Contact Crawl Space Brothers today for a FREE consultation.

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City of Greensboro NC

Greensboro, NC has everything you need and nothing that you don’t! The Greensboro Coliseum Complex is definitely one of the highlights of our fine city. It is the place to be any night of the week with concerts, sports, conferences, and even bingo! And of course, we can’t forget our beloved UNC Greensboro Spartans. Not only do the students bring a boom in business, but the school also provides our community with resources such as volunteers, financial partnerships, and even festivals for some fun! The city of Greensboro also has a lively Cultural District with events at all times of the year. And of course, we can’t forget about the Science Center and History Museum! There is surely plenty to do near Greensboro, NC. 

Service of the Highest Quality

Our goal is to provide a 5 Star Experience every time, which is why we guarantee it. We will do whatever it takes to make sure Crawl Space Brothers is worthy of 5-stars in your eyes.

To show how confident we are in our work, we offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty. Our crawl space encapsulation services are guaranteed to be top-quality so you won’t have to worry about it again. 

Is it really possible to guarantee this?

We think so. At Crawl Space Brothers, we hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard. Because we believe that you deserve only the best for your home and family. 

Additionally, we have had 5-star feedback from our past customers regarding our crawl space encapsulation, crawl space dehumidifiers, crawl space vapor barriers, waterproofing, and more.

As with any great power, comes great responsibility. We want to maintain our good name and provide high-quality service to all of our customers.

Our customers are more than just customers to us.

Our customers become part of the family. We would consider it an honor to have you as part of our family at Crawl Space Brothers. We place a lot of value on family. Your crawl space isn’t our only concern. Keeping you, your home, and those in it safe and healthy is equally as important to us. 

Our services include crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, waterproofing, and more. But at the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your family safe and secure. Since there is no “one size fits all” solution to crawl space problems, we offer each “family member” a customized solution.

Crawl Space Brothers is more than just a name. Our company was actually founded by brothers! Since then, we are blessed to have an entire team that has joined our family. Today, we are one of the biggest families in the nation!

We will give you the plan (after your FREE home inspection) that might include crawl space encapsulation, a crawl space dehumidifier, a crawl space vapor barrier, waterproofing, or a combination of these services and devices.

Even though we specialize in crawl space repair near Greensboro, NC, we also own homes and have families of our own. The safety of your house and family is our number one priority. Contact us by phone or fill out the form at any time. Come join the family!

We place a lot of value on family

Your crawl space isn’t our only concern. Keeping you, your home, and those in it safe and healthy is equally as important to us. 

Our services include crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, waterproofing, and more. But at the end of the day, it’s all about keeping your family safe and secure. 

Since there is no "one size fits all" solution to crawl space problems, we offer each "family member" a customized solution.

We will give you the plan (after your FREE home inspection) that might include crawl space encapsulation, a crawl space dehumidifier, a crawl space vapor barrier, waterproofing, or a combination of these services and devices.

Even though we specialize in crawl space repair near Greensboro, NC, we also own homes and have families of our own. The safety of your house and family is our number one priority. Contact us by phone or fill out the form at any time. Come join the family!

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Crawl Space Repair Experts Trusted in Greensboro NC & the Surrounding Areas

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We offer complete crawl space encapsulation – or whichever components you might need – to keep your home dry and protected from moisture damage. Are you looking for a crawl space vapor barrier, a dehumidifier, or a sump pump? For all things crawl space, Greensboro trusts Crawl Space Brothers! 

Call us today for a free crawl space inspection and personalized plan in Greensboro NC or the surrounding area.

What You Can Expect with Crawl Space Brothers Service

Several best-practice repair techniques are incorporated into Crawl Space Brothers’ process to ensure your house and family are as safe as possible. The best-practice approach, however, is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to find the best solution for each unique situation, crawl space repair and encapsulation require critical thinking. 

Crawl Space Brothers realizes that your home is a refuge of peace and harmony. So we take the time to learn about your home and your particular needs before creating a plan that is tailored to you. Considering that each property is unique, every solution must be unique as well.

Crawl Space Brothers

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Our FREE crawl space inspection will help us better understand your crawl space and what measures need to be taken when you hire us to inspect your crawl space. If you need assistance with encapsulation, waterproofing, or repair, we will do our best to find a solution for your crawl space.

The team of skilled experts at Crawl Space Brothers care about your home and about you, so you can rest assured that you’re getting high-quality repairs. This is how we do it:

Step 1:

The first thing our specialists do is ask about any current problems with your property as well as its general history. Obviously, not everyone loves to check out crawl spaces as much as we do, but we just want to be thorough so that we can offer the best recommendations. 

Step 2:

The next step in maintaining your crawl space is to complete a thorough inspection. This will enable us to find out if there are any problems. Any standing water or flooding will be removed with a sump pump before we begin any repairs. In addition, damaged walls and flooring may need to be repaired, as well as damp insulation replaced. A few of the things we may recommend include crawl space dehumidifiers, crawl space vapor barriers, and sump pumps.

Step 3:

It is important that your crawl space is well-maintained, as it is one of the most essential parts of your house. That’s why we will also remove any visible mold from the crawl space after the crawl space repairs are complete in order to keep your home’s air clean and healthy. We will also follow up with you to ensure you have received 5-Star Service!

We appreciate that when you let us into your home, it can be inconvenient. It is our responsibility to leave no trace of our presence, and we always strive to do so. We will leave your home looking as though we had never been there!

Looking for crawl space repair in Greensboro NC? You have come to the right place! Complete the contact form on this page or call us today.

Protecting Your Home with Crawl Space Structural Repair

Crawl space structural repair isn’t just a fancy term for homeowners. It’s the process of addressing and fixing structural issues under your house, ensuring stability and longevity for your cherished home. In Greensboro NC, where distinct environmental and weather conditions play a significant role, this is even more critical. Ignoring your crawl space can lead to potential moisture buildup, mold, and structural damage that can jeopardize your home’s safety and decrease its market value.

Why Your Greensboro NC Home Might Need This Service

Greensboro NC’s beautiful seasonal changes and occasional wet weather have a flip side: they pose unique challenges for homes, especially those with crawl spaces. Prolonged exposure to moisture, soil shifts, and even local pests can threaten the structural integrity of these spaces. Couple that with the region’s specific clay-rich soil, which can expand and contract, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for structural issues. The unique characteristics of Greensboro NC demand a specialized approach to crawl space repair.

Crawl Space Brothers is Your Trusted Structural Partner

With a proven track record and unparalleled expertise, we at Crawl Space Brothers have made it our mission to ensure homes in Greensboro NC stand tall and proud. Our team is equipped with the latest technology, the best materials, and an in-depth understanding of local conditions. Our dedication isn’t just to repair—it’s to educate homeowners and provide lasting solutions.

The Unseen Threats of Floor Sagging & Wood Rot

It’s the things we don’t see that often pose the greatest risk. Under our feet, hidden from daily view, are potential hazards that every homeowner should be aware of: floor sagging and wood rot. These issues, if left untreated, can have serious consequences for both the structural integrity of your home and the safety of its inhabitants.

The Truth Behind Floor Sagging

So, what’s the deal with floor sagging? This unsettling phenomenon can be caused by moisture accumulation in the crawl space or misconstruction. It’s an early warning sign, shouting that there’s a structural issue with your home.

Let’s not sugarcoat it. If floor sagging isn’t fixed promptly, the floors can collapse, a nightmare scenario that poses real danger and potential injuries to those inside.

Furthermore, the clock is ticking. The age of your home plays a significant role in how these issues manifest and how they can be addressed. As homes age, their structural elements might settle or shift, making sagging issues harder to repair. Addressing the problem early on can save homeowners time, money, and stress in the long run.

What Wood Rot Means For Your Home

Diving deeper into the crawl space, wood rot is another silent assailant on your home’s integrity. This decay, usually due to persistent moisture and lack of proper ventilation, can compromise the very bones of your house.

Crawl Space Girders, Joists, and Piers: The Unsung Heroes of Home Stability

For those not in the know, let’s break it down:

Crawl Space Girders: These are the main horizontal supports across the crawl space. They carry the load of your home and distribute it evenly.

Crawl Space Joists: These are the horizontal structures that span an open space, running perpendicular to the girders.

Crawl Space Piers: Acting as the legs of your home, these vertical supports hold up the girders and, by extension, your entire house.

When wood rot sets in, it can erode these critical structural components, leading to a cascading effect of issues in your home. 

Crawl Space Brothers to the Rescue!

But fear not! This is where Crawl Space Brothers arrives, wielding expertise and solutions tailored for these specific challenges. Understanding the importance of these structural elements and the havoc wood rot can wreak, we have a robust set of interventions at the ready.

For compromised girders, we champion the installation of supplemental girders to bolster the existing, damaged ones. In this process, we use StrongPost Jacks, ensuring the support is firm and long-lasting.

When it comes to damaged piers, we don’t just patch things up. We reinforce them by installing supplemental piers, guaranteeing that the strength of your home remains unshaken.

And for those crucial joists? If they’re bearing the brunt of rot and wear, we fortify them with sistering joists, lending additional support and extending their lifespan.

When you hire Crawl Space Brothers, Greensboro NC homeowners have a reliable ally against the dangers of floor sagging and wood rot. With our expertise, technology, and commitment, we ensure the safety of your home.

Elevate Your Home’s Stability with Crawl Space Jacks

Greensboro NC often demands tailored solutions for homes with crawl spaces. If you’re noticing unsettling signs of sagging or structural wear, crawl space jacks might just be the lifeline your home needs.

Why Opt for Crawl Space Jacks?

While many other crawl space companies try to lure you in with temporary support jacks, they often become costly band-aid solutions. Instead of providing a temporary fix, Crawl Space Brothers believes in addressing the root of the problem. It’s not just about supporting but reinforcing and ensuring lasting stability.

The Power of the Strongpost Jack Support System

Let’s talk specifics. Our ace in the hole is the Strongpost Jack Support System. This isn’t just any standard jack—it boasts the capacity to provide up to 7 inches of lift. And if you’re wondering about its strength, it can stabilize an astounding 30,000 pounds! With the Strongpost Jack, you’re investing in a fortress-like solution for your home.

Expansive Solutions for Your Home’s Integrity

But at Crawl Space Brothers, we don’t stop there. Our holistic approach to crawl space structural repair means we look at the bigger picture. Alongside our top-tier crawl space jack system, we go beyond. Whether it’s reinforcing the girders, joists, or piers, we’ve got you covered. Worried about floor sagging? We address that too, ensuring every square foot of your home rests on a solid, secure foundation.

In Greensboro NC, where homes need that extra touch of care, Crawl Space Brothers stands out as the go-to expert. With our expert solutions, homeowners can rest easy, knowing their home is ready to weather any storm or challenge.

Understanding the Importance of Crawl Space Foundation Repair

A crawl space foundation is essentially a hollow area that sits between your home and the ground. While it might seem like just an empty space, it’s a vital aspect of any home. It provides easy access to plumbing, electrical, and other systems, making maintenance a breeze. However, like any other part of your home, your crawl space can face wear and tear over time. This is where our crawl space foundation repair service steps in. If left unchecked, minor issues in your crawl space can escalate, affecting the structural integrity of your home and potentially causing health issues due to mold and mildew growth.

Greensboro NC and Its Unique Challenges

Now, let’s talk about Greensboro NC. This city, known for its picturesque views and rich history, has unique weather patterns that can be harsh on crawl space foundations. The mix of heavy rainfall during certain seasons and high humidity levels can increase moisture in your crawl space. But that’s not all. The city’s shifting soil and occasional frost can cause the ground to expand and contract, exerting pressure on the foundations. Such conditions make homes in Greensboro NC especially susceptible to crawl space issues.

So, while the charm of Greensboro NC’s homes is undeniable, their foundation needs special care, which is where Crawl Space Brothers come in. With our expertise and experience in handling the region’s specific challenges, we ensure your home remains safe, stable, and mold-free.

Signs Your Greensboro NC Home is Crying Out for Help

If you’re experiencing foundation issues, your home is quietly begging for assistance. But how can you tell? Let’s dive deep into the signs that you need crawl space foundation repair and their impact on your home sweet home.

The Signs and Their Impact on Your Home

Floor Sagging: Often caused by excessive moisture in the crawl space or even a hiccup during the construction phase, floor sagging is more than a wonky floor. If left unchecked, those dips can lead to collapsing floors, putting your family at risk of injuries.

Cracks in Drywall:Have you ever noticed spider-web-like cracks forming on your walls? That’s your house hinting at an underlying foundation issue.

Sticking Doors: Doors that seem to have a mind of their own, refusing to shut or open smoothly. Sticking doors can be a symptom of shifting foundations beneath.

Termite Damage: These tiny destroyers can weaken the very foundation of your home, making it essential to address the root issue.

The Passage of Time and its Role

Every home ages, but how it ages makes all the difference. For younger homes, early detection of issues like floor sagging can lead to quicker, simpler fixes. The wood is still adaptable and can be easily corrected. But for the vintage beauties, time may not always be kind. Prolonged, unchecked floor sagging over the years causes the wood to cast in that dip, making repairs more complex.

Beyond Just Moisture Remediation

Moisture is often the unseen villain causing havoc in crawl spaces. While dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, and other moisture-fighting tools are great, they’re akin to putting a band-aid on a deeper wound when it comes to foundation issues. Enter our Strongpost Jack Support System—a robust solution that ensures your home stands tall and proud, unaffected by the challenges of time and nature.

Your Ultimate Solution with the Strongpost Jack Support System

Every Greensboro NC home, from the classic cottages to the modern mansions, has a story to tell. They speak of family memories, cherished moments, and the occasional foundational challenge. We at Crawl Space Brothers listen to those foundational stories with the utmost attention. Given the unique geological and climatic difficulties of Greensboro NC, your home’s foundation requires something stronger than your ordinary support system. Introducing the Strongpost Jack Support System!

Solving Foundation Issues with Crawl Space Jacks

Imagine a pair of crutches that give much-needed support and balance. Crawl space jacks function similarly for your home. They’re not just a fix but an investment in your home’s stability and longevity. 

Here’s how they come to the rescue:

Reinforcing Crawl Space Components: Your home stands tall on components like girders, joists, and piers. With time and external pressures, these can become weak or compromised. Crawl space jacks bolster these structures, ensuring they’re as strong as they were on day one.

Foundation Support: A home is only as strong as its foundation. Crawl space jacks offer robust support, ensuring the base of your house remains unshaken, regardless of external challenges.

Why Settle for Temporary When Permanent Solutions Exist?

Many crawl space companies suggest foundation support jacks that are essentially a quick fix. They might seem less expensive initially, but they’re like those patches that come off after the first wash, leaving you with the same old problem and a lighter wallet. What Greensboro NC homeowners truly need is a lasting solution. And that’s where our approach stands out.

The Power of the Strongpost Jack Support System

Our pride and joy, the Strongpost Jack Support System, isn’t just another support system. Here’s what makes it special:

Impressive Lift and Stability: This system allows for 7 inches of lift. So, whether it’s a slight sag or a pronounced dip, we’ve got it covered.

Sturdy Support: With the capability to stabilize an impressive 30,000 pounds, this system is akin to having a team of superheroes holding up your house. It’s that strong!

Ensuring a Safe, Secure, and Sag-Free Home

Our commitment doesn’t stop at just installing the Strongpost Jack Support System. We go the extra mile to ensure your home gets a comprehensive overhaul.

Additional Reinforcement: Beyond the installation of the jack system, we also add reinforcements to any crawl space girders, joists, or piers that might need an extra boost.

Addressing Floor Sagging: A saggy floor is more than just an eyesore; it’s a safety hazard. We tackle any sagging issues head-on, ensuring every corner of your home is even and safe.

Foundation Assurance: With our thorough inspection and top-tier installation processes, we give you the peace of mind that your home’s foundation is secure and set to stand the test of time.

In Greensboro NC, where homes echo stories of history and the future, it’s our mission to ensure these homes stand tall and proud. At Crawl Space Brothers, we believe every homeowner deserves a lasting solution. And that’s precisely what we deliver.

The Ultimate Solution for Greensboro NC with Basement Interior Drain Tile Systems

In Greensboro NC, their homes face challenges like no other region. They bear the brunt of all that North Carolina weather throws at them, harming the vulnerable basement beneath. Enter the basement interior drain tile system, the pinnacle of waterproofing solutions for Greensboro NC homeowners. But what is it, and why do Greensboro NC residents need it?

What is a Basement Interior Drain Tile System?

A basement interior drain tile system is a specially designed drainage solution placed beneath your basement floor, right next to the foundation wall. This system collects any water that might seep through basement walls or rise from below due to groundwater. Once gathered, this water is safely directed to a sump pump, expelling it away from your home.

For those in Greensboro NC, this isn’t just another home improvement but a necessity. Greensboro NC has its own unique challenges that make such systems crucial.

The Challenges of Greensboro NC Homes

Greensboro NC, with its distinct weather patterns, ranging from heavy rainfall to occasional tropical storms, puts an unusual amount of strain on basements. Waterlogged soil becomes a frequent enemy, which results in basement water issues more often than homeowners would like. The area’s clay-rich soil also doesn’t help, as clay tends to hold onto water longer than sandier soils, resulting in a higher chance of basement leakage. Even worse, hydrostatic pressure can lurk beneath the surface, waiting for an opportunity to push water through your precious foundation.

The Unbeatable Benefits of Basement Interior Drain Tile Systems

Prevents Water Damage

An inch of water may not seem like much, but it’s enough to cause a costly headache. By installing a basement interior drain tile system, you’re taking the proactive step to prevent water damage.

Guards Against Foundation Deterioration

Water can erode even the mightiest foundations. With Greensboro NC’s specific challenges, the risk is even higher. By ensuring effective drainage, you’re preserving the integrity of your basement and your entire home.

Health Benefits

Damp basements tend to breed mold and mildew. These unwelcome guests can lead to respiratory issues and allergic reactions. A basement interior drain tile system ensures your basement remains dry, reducing the chances of mold growth.

Preserves Property Value

A home with a wet basement is a tough sell. Equipping your Greensboro NC home with a top-notch basement interior drain tile system prevents your property value from plummeting.

Protects Personal Belongings

Many use their basements as storage. From family heirlooms to essential documents, a lot is at stake. Protect your valuables from potential water damage with our impeccable systems.

Mitigation of Hydrostatic Pressure

A basement interior drain tile system mitigates the threat of hydrostatic pressure and ensures water has a designated path to follow away from your basement.

Cost Savings & Energy Efficiency

A dry basement is easier to heat and cool. This means your HVAC system doesn’t have to work overtime, translating to energy efficiency and lowered utility bills. Plus, the basement interior drain tile system will prevent the need for future waterproofing repairs, saving you even more in the long run.

Crawl Space Brothers have seen the difference a well-installed basement interior drain tile system makes in Greensboro NC homes. From preserving your home’s integrity to protecting your health and valuables, it’s clear: this service is a must for Greensboro NC homeowners. And with our expertise, you know you’re in good hands.

First-Rate Basement Interior Drain Tile Systems

When it comes to safeguarding your home’s basement and overall health, we at Crawl Space Brothers offer the ultimate solution: our top-of-the-line basement interior drain tile systems. Here’s why we’re the top-tier provider for Greensboro NC.

Key Features of Our Premium Systems

We’ve got a checklist that guarantees the utmost protection for your basement. Let’s delve into those features that make our systems stand out.

Perforated Piping: Allows for efficient water collection while ensuring durability.

Filter Sock: This protective layer makes certain that only water gets in, keeping out dirt and debris that could lead to clogs.

Gravel Fill: Enhances the filtration process and promotes faster drainage.

Proper Slope: Optimal design to guide water smoothly towards the sump pump.

Seamless Integration with a Sump Pump: We ensure that the system and the sump pump work hand in hand, offering flawless results.

High-Grade Materials: Only the best for Greensboro NC homes! We provide long-lasting, high-quality materials.

Easily Accessible Maintenance Points: For the rare occasions when you might need us to check in on the system.

Adaptable to All Basements: Our systems fit like a glove regardless of your basement’s size or design.

We pride ourselves on these crucial features, ensuring that every Greensboro NC homeowner receives a product that’s both efficient and enduring.

The Crawl Space Brothers’ Signature Installation Process

At Crawl Space Brothers, we install the finest basement interior drain tile system with the best craftsmanship. Our process is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Here is how we safeguard your basement step-by-step.

Preparing the Ground: We begin by removing about a foot of the concrete floor along the edge, right next to the foundation wall. This gives us the space needed to lay the groundwork for the system.

Trenching & Laying the Base: Once we’ve created enough space, we dig a trench alongside the footing. This trench is then filled with a layer of washed stone.

Laying the Pipe: We introduce our 4-inch perforated pipe encased in its protective filter sock. Once laid down in the trench, we make certain it’s secured and surrounded by more washed stone.

Integrating with the Sump Basin: Our system is then connected to the sump basin. This is where all the water is collected before being redirected by the sump pump.

Sealing the Deal: With everything in place, we patch the floor with concrete, ensuring your basement’s aesthetic remains untarnished.

There you have it! With Crawl Space Brothers, your basement in Greensboro NC stays safe and dry. Our top-tier basement interior drain tile systems, combined with our meticulous installation process, ensure you have peace of mind, one basement at a time.

Why Greensboro NC Homeowners Need Basement Foundation
Crack Repair

Basement foundation crack repair isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about the safety, value, and longevity of your Greensboro NC home. This system is a series of perforated pipes that run beneath your basement, protecting it from a variety of foundation cracks. When foundation cracks are left unaddressed without this system for aid, they can lead to structural issues, water damage, and a decrease in home value.

Greensboro NC’s Unique Foundational Factors

For the residents of Greensboro NC, understanding the importance of basement foundation crack repair is crucial. While every location has its peculiarities, Greensboro NC’s geographical and climatic characteristics contribute to specific foundation challenges:

  • Expansive Soils: The native soils of Greensboro NC are known to expand and shrink, leading to moisture issues. This constant movement can lead to foundation instability.
  • Changing Weather Patterns: Greensboro NC experiences a diverse range of weather—from rainy springs to dry summers. This variation can affect soil moisture levels, stressing your basement’s foundation.
  • Older Home Populations: Many homes in Greensboro NC have stood the test of time, but with age comes vulnerabilities—especially in foundations that aren’t repaired frequently.

Types of Basement Foundation Cracks

Awareness is the first step towards prevention. Here are the various types of foundation cracks that Greensboro NC homeowners should be vigilant about:

Hairline Cracks: Typically the most common, these thin cracks often don’t pose immediate threats but shouldn’t be ignored.

Stair-Step Cracks: Found mainly in brick or concrete block walls, they resemble a staircase and can indicate more significant structural issues.

Spider Web Cracking: As the name suggests, these cracks spread out in a web-like pattern. They’re mainly superficial but can hint at underlying issues.

Diagonal Cracks: Often caused by differential settling of the foundation, these can grow over time and should be addressed promptly.

Vertical Cracks: These cracks run straight up and down and can be a sign of foundation settling. Though easier to fix, they should never be left untreated.

Horizontal Cracks: Arguably the most concerning, horizontal cracks can signify serious external pressure on the foundation walls. Immediate attention is crucial.

Crawl Space Brothers stand proud of our expert team’s commitment to safeguarding the basements of Greensboro NC homeowners. With unmatched expertise, professionalism, and a genuine care for the local community, we are unrivaled in basement foundation crack repair. Whether you’re seeing the first signs of a crack or battling a longstanding foundation issue, trust in Crawl Space Brothers. We’ve got your back—and your basement.

The Remarkable Benefits of Our Basement Foundation Crack
Repair Services

When it comes to ensuring that Greensboro NC homes stand tall and proud, basement foundation crack repair holds the key. Let’s break down the dazzling benefits of this service, especially when offered by the renowned Crawl Space Brothers.

Top Advantages of Why Our Basement Foundation Crack Repair

Here’s a crisp look at the undeniable perks of getting those pesky foundation cracks repaired:

Advanced Techniques:

Embrace the future with state-of-the-art solutions that stand the test of time.

Tailored Solutions:

No two homes are the same, so why should their repairs be? Experience bespoke solutions crafted for your unique home.

High-Quality Materials:

The longevity of repairs hinges on the caliber of materials used. Expect nothing but the best.

Safety First:

Say goodbye to potential hazards lurking in those cracks. Sleep easy knowing your basement’s foundation is robust.


It’s not just about short-term fixes but long-term savings. Basement foundation crack repair ensures less costly repair in the future.

Enhanced Property Value:

Elevate your home’s worth in the market. A strong foundation is a great selling point.

Comprehensive Assessment:

A thorough evaluation ensures all issues, both apparent and lurking, are addressed by our team.

How Our Finest Solutions Make Basement Foundation Cracks Vanish

Our toolbox is packed with diverse solutions to ensure that each crack, whether hairline or more pronounced, is tackled appropriately. Here’s a deeper dive into two of our star services:

The Epoxy/Urethane Injection Process

This repair solution is ideal for those homes in Greensboro NC that are unfinished or where the crack is easily accessible. We first seal the inside face of the crack with a strong epoxy paste. Following this, an expanding urethane resin is injected, which generously fills the crack right up to the exterior soil. If you’re worried about that piece of drywall hiding the crack, fret not. If the crack isn’t obstructed, we’ll simply remove the drywall removal and proceed with the repair. With this process, no cracks will be able to take over your basement’s integrity.

The Wall-Clay Method

At times, an external solution proves to be the more suitable approach. Enter the Wall-Clay Method, a top-rated repair for Greensboro NC basements. We start by digging a small hole right at the crack’s location. This hole is then filled with sodium bentonite, a phenomenal granular clay. As it expands, it forms an impervious barrier. With this sealed barrier in place, your foundation wall is protected from any threat of water. This solution provides you with a perpetually dry and welcoming basement.

In the heart of Greensboro NC, Crawl Space Brothers have repaired countless homes, ensuring they remain solid and graceful. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of what each home demands, we continue to be the trusted partner for homeowners seeking the very best in basement foundation crack repair.

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Keep your home safe and protected from moisture damage, mold, and pests with full crawl space encapsulation, or any of the pieces you may need. Need a crawl space vapor barrier, dehumidifier, or sump pump? Crawl Space Brothers is the one Columbia counts on to take care of all things crawl space. 

Call us today for a free crawl space inspection and personalized plan in Greensboro NC & the surrounding area. 

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