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Crawl Space Brothers is a locally owned, extremely professional, crawl space repair family business.

Professional Crawl Space Repair Experts

We specialize in crawl spaces, all day every day! We are hands-on with every project from start to finish. Our goal is not just to make satisfied customers; we want to make ecstatic customers! We are upbeat, responsive, and see the job all the way through.

Local Ownership

The Crawl Space Brothers Family is growing! We are happy to continue to expand the Crawl Space Brothers experience to new regions on the East Coast. The most important part is to maintain the local ownership and family atmosphere. We accomplish this by partnering with local families who live and work in the community.

Crawl Space Brothers Team


Team 1
Team 2

David Dygowski


Team 3

Jacob Broussard


Team 4

Matthew Broussard


Charlotte Location

Team 5

Trevor Hovis


Team 6

Warren Nelson


Team 7

Joseph Rezentes

Crawl Space Specialist 

Nashville Location

Team 8

Kevin Miller


Team 9

Jacob Burris


Team 10

Tanner Schwannecke

Crawl Space Specialist 

Team 11

Jack Bostwick

Crawl Space Specialist 

Columbia Location

Team 12

Darnell Attaway


DC Metro Location

Team 13

Lane White


Greenville/Asheville Location

Team 14

Marcus Koperski

Location Director

Team Chris Sayre

Chris Sayre


Raleigh Location

Team 15

Kevin Curby

Location Director

Team 16

Kenny Dockery


Headquarters Staff

Team 17

Aaron Caddel

Chief of Operations

Team 18

Nate Upchurch


Team 3

Jacob Broussard

Vice President of Sales

Team 20

John Shea

Sales Director

Team 4

Matthew Broussard

Quality Control Manager

Team 22

Jonathan Rezentes

Operations Development

Team 23

Ariel Dygowski

Head of Finance

Team 24

Savannah Bolick

Administrative Manager

Team 25

Katie Broussard

Purchasing Agent

Team 26

Paula Montgomery

Human Resource Manager

Team 27

Chuck Green

Marketing Director

Team 28

Cynthia Clay

Web Designer

Team 11

John Benton


Team 30

Victoria Croft

Welcome Team Lead

Team 31

Blessid Snow

Welcome Team Member

Team 32

Anna Broussard

Welcome Team Member

Team 11

Ryan Stein

Welcome Team Member

crawl space repair team

No matter where you live, we will bring the family feel and professional experience to you!
Call us today to find out how your crawl space repair experience is about to change!