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Knightdale NC

Crawl Space Repair in Knightdale NC

Knightdale NC Crawl Space Encapsulation, Waterproofing, Mold Removal, & Vapor Barriers

Living in North Carolina means two things, hot, humid summers, and hurricane season rains and storms. With these two factors in mind, every homeowner must be cautious about flooding and moisture in their crawl space or basement. All this moisture can be a real threat to your crawl space. Standing water and humidity in your crawl space can invite things such as mold, pests, mildew, or water damage, all of which can seriously impact your home’s foundation.

Crawl Space Brothers know just how important your home is to you and your family, and that protecting the life of its foundation is a top priority for you, which is why we are proud to be providing the Knightdale community the best crawl space repair service possible. No matter what repair you require, crawl space encapsulation, waterproofing, mold removal, or vapor barrier, we are here to provide the complete solution for your specific needs.

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City of Knightdale NC

Knightdale is a town in Wake County, North Carolina, located about 9 miles from Raleigh, the state’s capital. Knightdale is a relatively young town compared to some others in the area but has experienced a boost in growth over the last 30 years. Originally the area was settled by John Hinton around 1730. Hinton had seven plantations in the area, three of which are still standing as historical sites. Knightdale today has much to offer residents, such as several parks and trails and small breweries. As well as local shops and restaurants, Knightdale continues to grow into a full bright community. The zip code in Knightdale is 27545.

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What Sets Crawl Space Brothers Apart

If you’re looking for a team to repair your crawl space, Crawl Space Brothers is the team for you! We guarantee every customer our 5 Star Experience; we go above and beyond to ensure every customer we work with is 100% satisfied with their crawl space repair. Not only that, but we also offer all of our customers our Transferable Lifetime Warranty, so no matter what, your home’s crawl space will remain dry and protected. 

With a combined total of over 20 years of experience and our team of highly trained and professional technicians, it’s no wonder we are one of the highest-rated repair services in the Raleigh service area. No two homes need the same crawl space service, which is why our service is fully customized and tailored to fit your home’s specific needs.

Knightdale’s Best Crawl Space Repair

Water under the home is a threat to all inside it, so contact Crawl Space Brothers today for the permanent home solution. Protect your family and foundation and call today! When you do, you can expect the following:

First, our specialist asks you about your current concerns and the general history of your home. Next, we thoroughly inspect your crawl space and foundation to identify the cause of your crawl space’s issue. If needed, we install an interior French drain and sump pump to remove any flooding or standing water before beginning repairs. Finally, your crawl space is repaired and fully protected against future standing water and eroding damage, followed by any necessary mold removal service.

We Are Here for the Homeowners of Knightdale NC

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

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The Best Long-Term Solution For Your Crawl Space Is An Encapsulation

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Vapor Barrier

A Vapor Barrier Is The Number One Thing To Protect Your Crawl Space!

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A Crawl Space Dehumidifier Provides Moisture Protection For Your Home

Mold Removal Services in Knightdale NC

At Crawl Space Brothers, we’ve been under thousands of homes, and nearly all have some amount of mold growth. And with North Carolina’s hot and humid summers, it’s extremely common. If you look down in your crawl space today, chances are you will see some sort of mold growth. Now consider that the air in your home comes from or through your crawl space! While most mold in your crawl space is non-harmful, leaving mold growth unchecked can lead to potential problems and affect the air quality in your home. 

At Crawl Space Brothers, we are pros at handling mold removal; we use an Earth-friendly mold removal spray and HEPA vacuum removal technique. Our mold spray is completely safe for pets and people and effectively stops mold in its tracks. 

However, mold removal alone is not a permanent solution to mold growth; only a temporary one. For a permanent mold solution, eliminating moisture and humidity is the best way, as mold cannot grow at or below 50% relative humidity. To achieve this, Crawl Space Brothers offers encapsulation, vapor barriers, and dehumidifier installation. 

If you’re worried you may have excessive mold in your crawl space or basement, call us at Crawl Space Brothers today, or sign up online for our free initial home inspection!

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When you need crawl space repair and mold removal in Knightdale, NC, Crawl Space Brothers is here to help. Our team of experienced and professional specialists will inspect your home’s crawl space at absolutely no cost and provide an accurate assessment of your home’s crawl space needs.

Sign up now for a free crawl space inspection. Even if you think there’s nothing wrong but want to double-check, we’re happy to help.

Call us today for service to your home in Knightdale, North Carolina, and the Raleigh area. We can help make your home stronger and healthier today.