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Crawl Space Repair in Tullahoma TN

A Wet Crawl Space Needs Professional Crawl Space Repair in Tullahoma TN

Tennessee is known for its wet seasons that can lead to flooding and wet crawl spaces. When water intrudes under your home, it encourages all sorts of trouble for the health and safety of your home. The purpose of the crawl space is to protect your home's foundation. When your crawl space is left exposed to the elements, your foundation and home are put at risk. Mold, pests, and structural damage are all possible. 

With professional crawl space repair and encapsulation performed by an expert from Crawl Space Brothers. Crawl space encapsulation will completely seal off your crawl space, preventing water intrusion and eliminating moisture issues. When water gets into your crawl space, it can damage insulation and weaken the wooden floor joists under your home.

The Crawl Space Brothers are your local crawl space repair experts in Tullahoma TN. We proudly serve the community with crawl space repair and protection services meant to protect your home for life. We aim to help every homeowner feel safe and secure about the state of their crawl space and the safety of their home.

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City of Tullahoma TN

Tullahoma is a city in Coffee and Franklin Counties, Tennessee. Tullahoma is located about an hour south of Nashville. Tullahoma was founded in 1852 as a work camp along the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad. Nearby resorts were popular for health springs, bringing business to the town along with the railroad. Tullahoma holds an important place in American history. It was the headquarters of the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the Civil War. That was until the city was taken by Union forces along with the rest of middle Tennessee. Today Tullahoma is a hub for aviation, aeronautics, and avionics activities and industries. The Beechcraft Heritage Museum houses a large collection of Beechcraft and aviation artifacts. Tullahoma is also home to the Arnold Engineering Development Center and the University of Tennessee Space Institute. The city also is home to a wide variety of activities and unique shops and spots to explore, such as the famous George Dickel Distillery. Jack Daniels whiskey is distilled nearby about 12 miles out of town. Tullahoma has several fun restaurants, shops, and breweries to have a good time at. Zipcodes for the Tullahoma area are 37388–37389.

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3 Perks of Calling Crawl Space Brothers for Your Crawl Space Repair

When you need crawl space repair for your home, you need the best team that you can trust. You get the best when you call the Crawl Space Brothers for your home’s crawl space repair.

The perks of calling us are:

  1.  5 Star Experience:
  2. We promise a 5-star experience from the initial call to the final walkthrough.
  3. Lifetime Transferable Warranty: Your crawl space encapsulation is covered by our outstanding warranty for a lifetime.
  4. Customized Repair Options: We’ll tailor your repair to fit your budget and repair needs.

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Your Reliable Local Crawl Space Team For Stress-Free Repairs

Some of our highly trained technicians have 10+ years in the crawl space repair and waterproofing industry with our crawl space team. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best contractor repair experience you’ve ever had. Crawl space issues only worsen and escalate with time. Tackle your crawl space trouble sooner rather than later to protect your home for the future. When you call the Crawl Space Brothers today, you’ll receive a free home inspection, and a crawl space specialist will inspect and assess your crawl space.

When you call us for your home inspection, you can expect the following. First, our specialist asks you about your current concerns and the general history of your home. Next, we thoroughly inspect your crawl space and foundation to identify the cause of your crawl space’s issue. If needed, we install an interior french drain and sump pump to remove any flooding or standing water before beginning repairs. Finally, your crawl space is repaired and fully protected against future standing water and eroding damage, followed by any necessary mold removal service.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

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The Best Long-Term Solution For Your Crawl Space Is An Encapsulation

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Vapor Barrier

A Vapor Barrier Is The Number One Thing To Protect Your Crawl Space!

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A Crawl Space Dehumidifier Provides Moisture Protection For Your Home

Top Services for Residents of Tullahoma TN


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Encapsulation will always be the number one recommendation we have for most homes as it is the lifetime solution that guarantees the protection of your crawl space and foundation! Encapsulation will ensure protection for your crawl space against water or moisture intrusion for decades. There is no more standing water, high humidity, pests, or problems under your home. Water that doesn’t find its way into the crawl space is moved out with a drainage system and sump pump, groundwater evaporation is prevented with a vapor barrier, vents are sealed, and insulation is protected!


A crawl space dehumidifier is the #1 way to prevent excessive moisture in the crawl space. Controlling the environment of your crawl space is essential, and a professionally installed crawl space dehumidifier can negatively impact your home’s overall health. Removing humidity, mold, mildew, and pests can no longer survive in your crawl space. When you have an Aprilaire dehumidifier installed in your crawl space, you’ll never worry about emptying a bucket or waking up to the turning on the dehumidifier under the floor. Aprilaire crawl space dehumidifiers are installed with a dedicated train line and are quiet and efficient. They improve the air quality throughout your home and take the strain off your HVAC.

Crawl Space Brothers Dehumidifier

Aprilaire Dehumidifier

Vapor Barrier

Crawl Space Brothers Vapor Barrier

Vapor Barrier

Protecting the crawl space starts with the basics, like a thick vapor barrier that will prevent groundwater evaporation. At Crawl Space Brothers, we provide the best vapor barriers around, with our 100% fully woven vapor barriers going up to 14-mil. They covered the ground floor and ran up the walls and supports in your crawl space, sealing out dirt, pollen, bugs, and moisture from your crawl space. A ripped, torn, or missing vapor barrier doesn’t do anything to protect your home, so invest in a vapor barrier that will last from the Crawl Space Brothers!

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When you need crawl space repair and waterproofing in Tullahoma, Tennessee, and the Nashville area, Crawl Space Brothers is here to help. Our team of highly trained and educated specialists will inspect your home’s crawl space at absolutely no cost and provide an accurate assessment of your home’s crawl space needs.

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So if you’re ready to invest in crawl space protection that lasts a lifetime for your Tullahoma, TN home, contact the Crawl Space Brothers today!