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Does the thought of bugs, pests, dirt, or mold in your crawl space keep you up at night? Or perhaps you haven’t thought about what’s going on under your home in a long time? The crawl space can often be an out of sight of mind space. However, if your crawl space hasn’t been checked on in a long time, it can be worthwhile to have it inspected by a professional. Crawl space issues can be hard to spot and affect the health and integrity of your whole home! Your foundation holds up your home, so protecting the space it’s in is essential!

When you need a crawl space inspection, call the friendly experts at Crawl Space Brothers! We’ve been proudly serving the Laurel, Maryland service area for a combined total of over 20 years with top-notch crawl space repair and protection services. The Crawl Space Brothers team promises the best contractor experience you’ve ever had when you call us! From the first call to the final walk-through, we promise a 5 Star Experience that will leave you feeling satisfied and safe with the state of your crawl space and your repair service.

When water and moisture intrude on your crawl space, it can encourage many of the issues that we see cause damage to the foundation and wood supports under the home. Humidity and moisture can get into your crawl space in a multitude of ways; not all of them can be stopped, but all of them can be prevented from causing damage with crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing! Water can intrude through cracks in the foundation wall, unsealed vents, groundwater evaporation, condensation forming on ducts and pipes, water pipe leaks, and many other sources.

With solutions like sump pumps, french drains, vapor barriers, vent sealing, and dehumidifiers, we can keep water out and humidity managed in your crawl space so that it is protected from issues such as pests, wood rot, humidity, foundation settling, and water damage. Pests such as termites, for example, need a moisture-rich environment to survive, so by taking away that moisture with crawl space solutions, you make your crawlspace an unappealing living space for them.

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The One Lifetime Solution For Your Crawl Space Protection - Encapsulation!

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of completely sealing off your crawl space and installing solutions that will manage the environment under your home to protect your foundation for life! When the Crawl Space Brothers encapsulate your crawl space, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that it is protected for a lifetime! We guarantee it, too, with our amazing Lifetime Transferable Warranty, which covers parts and labor for your crawl space encapsulation should anything go wrong!

Rapidly addressing crawl space problems before they escalate can mean the difference between an easier fix that prevents damage to the structure of your home and a costly, time-consuming project that has to repair major damage. Crawl space repair is all about prevention, so ensuring your home’s foundation is protected with high-quality crawl space products is essential! The Crawl Space Brothers care about protecting your home, and we treat it as our own when we install your encapsulation. Even if you just want to have your crawl space checked, we’re happy to provide you with a free inspection so you can rest easy knowing the strength and integrity of your foundation is secure. 

Did you know that up to 50% of the air in your home flows from or through your crawl space too? So if you have dirt, water, pests, and allergens in your unsealed crawl space, you and your family are breathing all that in! A crawl space encapsulation and a dehumidifier will improve the air quality of your home, take the strain off your HVAC, give you more safe and dry storage space, and protect your home’s foundation!

Protecting the life, strength, and value of your Laurel, Maryland area home is simple, easy, and stress-free when you call the Crawl Space Brothers to schedule your free home inspection. Each home is different with different needs, which is why we offer a wholly specialized and customized experience to each customer based on their home’s specific needs and budget. We can help you protect your home’s foundation in the long term, whether your home is five years old or 100 years old, so you and your family are safe and protected for years to come. 

Call Crawl Space Brothers today for a free crawl space inspection and estimate for your Laurel home and protect your home from the ground up for life!

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