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What Type of Vapor Barrier is Right for You?

Each crawl space requires a unique solution based on the situation a homeowner is in. How do you know which solution is right for you? When choosing a vapor barrier, the amount of time a person plans to stay in his or her home can have a big impact. A 6-mil vapor barrier might be best if someone is planning on staying in his or her home for less than 2 years. This allows the crawl space to be secured and protected, while also not requiring a big financial investment. The 6-mil provides sufficient protection and the fiber-reinforced variant is tear resistant.
6 mil vapor barrier crawl space brothers charlotte
Figure 1

If you are planning on living in your home for more than 2 years, a 12 or 20-mil vapor barrier is the most recommended solution. Both come with a lifetime warranty that can be transferred to any future homeowner. The 12-mil is commonly used in encapsulations and is very resistant to rips or tears. A 20-mil has all of the 12-mil’s benefits with even more sturdiness. It is most commonly used in crawl spaces where a homeowner stores items, tools, or machinery.

12 or 20 mil vapor barrier recommended solution crawl space brothers charlotte
Figure 2

Every crawl space requires a custom solution to cater to your home and needs. This is why Crawl Space Brothers offers free assessments for all homeowners. Call our office and we will come out to your home free of charge!

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