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What Is That Funky Smell Coming From My Crawl Space?

Funky Smell Coming From My Crawl Space

Crawl Space Smell

Have you ever opened your crawl space door to look around and noticed some serious funk coming out? There is nothing worse than a stale, mildewy crawl space smell. Have you noticed that your home’s first floor or certain rooms in the home smells musty following a heavy rain? Or do you notice a musty smell 24/7 on the first floor of your home? These issues could all be coming from your crawl space.

Prior to an inspection, we typically ask a potential client why they decided to start searching for crawl space contractors. A common answer is a bad smell. Homeowners can usually smell a funky odor when they open the door to an unconditioned crawl space, or mustiness on the first floor following a heavy rain, or in the worst cases, at all times when on the first floor of their home.

What causes the funky smell? The funky smell coming from your crawl space comes down to one of two things, humidity and/or rodents.

What Is That Funky Smell Coming From My Crawl Space? 1
Humidity & Mold Growth

Crawl Space Humidity

High humidity levels can lead to mold and fungal growth, bacterial growth, and attract bugs and pests. All these things can contribute to a musty or earthy smell beneath your home. We will talk more in-depth about the causes of high humidity in future blog posts. High levels of humidity should be dealt with to protect the value of your home, improve air quality, and protect your family’s health. Firstly, this is done by identifying the root cause of the humidity problem, cleaning up damage from the humidity, stopping that cause, and installing measures to prevent future humidity issues. Most often, this comes in the form of mold treatment, sealing off the crawl space, encapsulating the space, and installing an industrial-grade dehumidifier.
What Is That Funky Smell Coming From My Crawl Space? 2
Rodents & Pests

Crawl Space Rodents

While we do not currently offer any pest control solutions, encapsulating your crawl space can help with past rodent issues in several ways. First and foremost, getting the space cleaned out will remove any odor-causing problems. We often see old vapor barriers with waste products on them and old insulation that rodents have rummaged through. Removing and replacing the vapor barrier and insulation can take care of the smells caused by rodent damage. As an added benefit, once you get your crawl space conditioned, rodents will be less inclined to make a home out of the space when it is nice and dry!

Give Crawl Space Brothers a call to schedule your free crawl space inspection and see how we can help eliminate any funky smells emitting from your crawl space!

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