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Water from Downspouts—5 Surprising Facts You Need to Know 1


Water from Downspouts—5 Surprising Facts You Need to Know

Crawl Space Brothers - LC: Water from Downspouts—5 Surprising Facts You Need to Know

Gutters and downspouts are the reliable shields of your home. Their main job is to manage and direct rainwater away from your humble abode. The significance of this task becomes evident when you realize the damage water can do. When water pools next to your crawl space, it can cause seepage and detrimental foundation movement.

Dry Spells & Your Home

Living in the Charlotte NC area? Then you’re especially familiar with the dangers of imbalanced hydration around foundations. The region is abundant with expansive soils like clay. During dry spells, a lack of water can cause this clay to dry out, shrink, and eventually crack. This can compromise the integrity of house foundations resting on the clay, leading to unwanted movement.

The Risks of Excess Water

On the flip side, too much water can be just as harmful. In the wet season, the soil surrounding foundations gets easily oversaturated. This can soften the ground, causing structures like attached garages, room additions, and crawl spaces to sink as their supporting ground turns to mud. The expanding wet clay can exert pressure on deeper foundations, causing foundation walls to crack or bow.

Expert Waterproofing with Crawl Space Brothers

At Crawl Space Brothers, we understand the importance of water management. Balancing the hydration around your foundation is essential, and with our top-notch basement dehumidifiers and expertise, you can trust that your home is in the best hands. Protect your investment, and let us help you ensure a safe and sound foundation.

5 Essential Facts About the Benefits of Downspouts

Crawl Space Brothers - LC: Water from Downspouts—5 Surprising Facts You Need to Know

Downspouts are often overlooked, but their role in safeguarding your home’s foundation is paramount. Let’s explore the top five facts about the significance of these devices and why you should consider professional help from Crawl Space Brothers.

1. The Voluminous Water Flow

Consider a house with a 1000-square-foot roof. With just 1 inch of rainfall, an astonishing 623 gallons of water can surge into the gutters and downspouts. Without proper extensions, each of the four downspouts releases 150 gallons right next to your home’s foundation, posing inevitable risks.

2. The Insufficiency of Rain Barrels

Despite being promoted as a solution, rain barrels typically hold only 50 gallons. So, for the above scenario, you’d need 12 barrels to contain the water from one rainfall. With most houses having one or two barrels at most, where does the surplus water end up? Alarmingly, right beside your foundation.

3. Annual Rainfall Metrics

In areas like Charlotte NC, with an average annual rainfall of around 41 inches, a house’s downspouts can inadvertently channel thousands of gallons to the home’s Zone of Failure over a year. Consequently, foundations suffer—they sink, crack, and bow under this unanticipated onslaught.

4. Heavy Storms & Imminent Clogs

During a violent downpour, water exits the downspouts with a force equivalent to a fully open bathtub faucet. Research indicates that 67% of residential downspouts are partially or fully clogged. This means, instead of guiding water away, they cause an overflow, leading the water directly next to the foundation.

5. Cost-Efficiency of Maintenance

The damage that unchecked water can inflict on foundations is significant and costly. But here’s the silver lining—controlling downspout water is incredibly cost-effective. By investing just a few cents in effective water management, homeowners can save on the significant expenses associated with foundation repairs.

Water mismanagement isn’t just a minor oversight—it can severely damage your foundation. Luckily, Crawl Space Brothers offers simple, efficient solutions to control this water, ensuring your home’s safety. Contact us for a FREE inspection and let our expertise guide you towards a long-lasting solution.