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How Far Should I Go With My Crawl Space Repair Project

One of the single most important questions clients ask themselves during the process of finding the right company to work with on their crawl space repair project. “How far should I go with my crawl space?” So many of the big companies out there offer one solution, total encapsulation. 20 mil vapor barrier, foam board insulated walls, floor liner, drainage system, sump pump, two dehumidifiers, new crawl space door, and the list goes on.

It can be hard to decide what the best route is to take. Some crawl spaces go from great to horrible in a year due to nearby construction changing the water table, an unknown pipe leak, record rains, and many other factors. Some crawl spaces stay the same for 50 years. It can be difficult to find the happy medium of “just right” regarding the amount of work and investment.

Crawl Space Brothers is different from the larger companies in that we offer multiple, custom solutions for every single crawl space. After going under thousands of crawl spaces, we’ve learned that every crawl space is different! If a crawl space has never had a vapor barrier and does have a mold problem, how do you know that just adding a vapor barrier wouldn’t completely remedy the issue? The answer is, you don’t! That is why, depending on the situation, taking the first couple of steps may be enough to fix the problem permanently.

So, to answer the question, “How far should I go with my crawl space repair project?” Well, it depends! But always remember, the corporate, “one size fits all” solution can be expensive ($10k-25k) and not necessary. Give Crawl Space Brothers a call today and see what custom solutions we can offer you!

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