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Crawl Space Brothers started their realtor partnerships with the agents in mind.

Over the last 7 years, we noticed a growing issue; home inspections were coming back more and more with crawl space issues. Most commonly, the issues were a missing vapor barrier, fungal/mold growth, bad insulation, and standing water.

For homeowners preparing to list their home, we recommend a free inspection prior to listing. If your kitchen sink is broken, you know it! Most large repairs are known to homeowners prior to listing their home. Crawl space issues seem to be the one major item that homeowners are not aware of pre-listing (most people do not go under their home regularly). That’s why we partner with realtors in the area and help inspect these items before the house goes on the market, ensuring no surprises!

For soon to be homeowners who are in the shopping process, we inspect the crawl space before closing. It is important to ensure the crawl space is up to code at the time of closing. This means no fungal growth, a 6-mil vapor barrier, and healthy insulation. Crawl Space Brothers will also assist the buyer in trying to add in some preventative measures like a dehumidification system.

We know speed is a factor in hot real estate markets like Nashville, TN or Charlotte, NC. That is why we offer all our agents the Crawl Space Brothers 48/7 Guarantee. We will inspect the crawl space under 48 hours and can have the crawl space up to code within 7 days of the inspection! Call us today to learn more about becoming one of our Realtor Partners!

Realtor Partners - Crawl Space Brothers
Realtor Partners - Crawl Space Brothers